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Related article: Date : Wed, March 30, 2011 23 37th 51 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 8, n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 8 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. -------------------------------------------- - --------------------------- ---- Recap - me: I love you too. I took my time to do it, but I'm sure now, and we can not take for granted... So no promises to break my heart,and I take care of you. J : You are precious to me than anything else, I promise never harm, my love. After this message, I had the tingling sensation. It was love... Just do you feel? -------------------------------------- ------ --------------------------- ------ I'm depressed lately, so please forgive me if it shows in my writing. *********************** confusion - Chapter 8 *********** ******** **** "class, by the end of the year, everyone in the music department a song... a song that expresses who you are , your feelings, and the script song must be good, so the work begins. "Mrs. Cadbury said that as she has given us copies of songwriting for dummies. "Are you about to write a gay man and how difficult it is to get a cock in the ass ? " I hear Brandon 's voice behind me. " Brandon, I do not know who peed in the pepsi, but you should not assume out on me. " I said to read the book to ignore. " Look at me when I speak !" He told me to beatBook on the floor. " I'll put in my book. " I spit when I got up, grabbed my purse, , and walked out of the theater. " I was talking to you. " Brandon said a course he called me. " What is Brandon Why you can not stop hating me? " I spat eyes. "It's so much fun! " He said, smiling. "Please leave me alone or I to my friend to take your ass! " I said, looked. " have a boyfriend? " He asked casually. " Yes, and twice its size, so beware. " I said angrily. " Ok calm down. You. " He stormed off muttering something I could not hear. I went to the park in search of Mark's car. I was standing the number of parked cars, and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Tom looked at me. It was a week since he was toppled. It is only it hurts to think that going to stop, my friend, because I am gay. " Tom, I do not want to talk to you !" I said, turning around and went Road. " Perezsn't matter... Today is my last day here in Canada. No wonder Europe for a year and a half, and leave. "He said, in a somber tone. I froze n and could not walk. I felt the tears in my eyes, and I turned and walked toward him. " W- ¿ away why ? "I said as a tear rolled down her cheeks. " You would not understand. "He said turning around. N " Why ? ! They said the last time. I can understand. I'm more mature than shine! "I opposed. " You do not understand ! " He cried as he looked at me. " Tom, tell me... ? please, " said walking towards him and hugged him his belly " Non Nude Preteens Being -. Sort.. I love you. "He said, chin up and kiss me. My eyes closed immediately and disappeared from the world around me. I felt the sense of -fuzzy I get when I kiss Jeff, a little less intense, but there After what seemed like hours, he walked away. " W -w -why did not you say ? " Stammered look into his eyes watery. " Because I love you Jeff... "He nodded, said, that offeat. " But that's no reason to leave your life and escape. " I said grabbing hand. "You have to know how to embrace SEE JEFF Kissing You and hurts ! IT FUCKING hurts! " He said, looking at me. I winced every time I curses. "However, we all prepared.. " I said, letting go of the hand. " I do not want to develop it. I want you Can you love me ? Can Do you love me ?" He declared. "I'm with Jeff and I want, but you are warm, intelligent and generous. You a someone twice my best. " I said reassuringly. " better than you? Do not think that's possible, even if it were, I not want that. I love you! " He said through tears. " Tom, please stay. " I said, when my heart was in pain. " Why? Give me a reason... Give me a reason, and I shall live. " He said in a footnote a me and looked into my blue eyes. " T -T- Tom... I can not... " I said looking into his brown eyes. " I'm leaving today at 9 o'clock you have to decide until then... " he said, running, and Istared at him. How can you do this to me? How can myself with a wide selection of these ? I was in my mind when I broke , like someone shaking my shoulder and my eyes focused on the face concerned Marcos s. "Ty, you okay? " Mark asked anxiously. " I think I am. Did you know that Tom is gone? " I asked to see. " That's why we cry? Return. Have some love questions... It's better for him. " Says Mark hugged me. " I know... but I want to be him. " I said, three years as a Frickin n ' age. " I know, but that would be selfish... You can not in pain... " said Mark rubbed my back. N 'OK, let's go home. I need some rest. "He told me to walk to the car. We drove home in silence, and when I got home, I went to Garden of the s. My father sat overlooking the rose plant with tears in the eyes. " Dad... you have to ask for help. Not well... "I said, under a seat by n him. He looked at me and nodded before getting up and leaving. I waited a little, and keeps starsEngineer in the shooting, some of the now folded red petals. N "Mom, I love Jeff, but I know I have feelings for Tom. What should I do? do not want, but as Mark said, it would be selfish. " He Non Nude Preteens said he stroking the. spring I stood there and thought about the election and looked the clock. 06th was 00 hours, and I went to the house. I went directly to in my room, and as soon as I entered, I saw Jeff laying there in my bed. "Jeff, what are you doing here ?" I said cheerfully. " Well, you, today is the day you will tell your father that we have Contacts". He said he approached me and kissed me. " So... I can not wait. " I said, hugging him tightly and kissed him. " make babies, if you think you are ready to... you know... " He said that a embarrassed. " I know she will have sex, but just wait for me, Jeff. I need some time, and I'm still young... " she said, kissing him. "I know. But I dream about you and, and I dreamed of can only hope. I know I'm pushing, and I'm sorry, baby. You know, how much you mean to me. "He said, kissing my hand, led me to bed. " I know Jeff. I love you too, so let's take it easy. This is our the first month, so we are making progress. "I told him to start kissing. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, as one of its hands, the back of my neck, grabbed my wrist and the other. My hand was his muscular chest as my tongue invaded his mouth and fought against it. " I love you. "He repeated, as he kissed my face. N " I love you too. "He said, looking over my watch again is our 08th clock 00 out for an hour and a half to " Baby, we'll tell your father, now before our lips swollen and get to before the chicken... "He said, laughing as he tickled my sides. " Ok. I think it's time. "I said as we walked up the stairs to the living room room. My father was with the laptop, while he wrote away. " Dad, we need to talk to you... "I said when I sat on the couch in front of it moreff to me. " Yes, what this concern? " He asked softly. "Mr. Jacobs, I'm out of your son. " Said Jeff, my father died in the n eyes. " Ooohhh... Well, I guess that 's fine, as long as you treat them well. " My father told me, a little distracted. " So you agree with this? " I asked a little dazed. " Just be sure Yeah, umm, and all.. " He said he continued to write. " Ok " I said a little uncomfortable when I took Jeff's hand and led him above. "It was easier than I expected. " Jeff said as soon as he entered my room. " Yes It was weird. I think my father is something going on, and not tell me.... I am worried or Mark," I said more to me. "Baby, you worry too much. " Jeff said as she sat on my bed and pull I sit on his lap. We looked into the eyes of others. " You are so Non Nude Preteens beautiful and adorable. " Jeff said, kissing my nose. " You're beautiful and charming, too. " I said, kissing him tenderly. " I love you. " We said at the time that went into my bed, my headon his chest. I started drifting to sleep discomfort about my father and with a feeling in my gut tells me that I forgot to something. Him off as my husband 's arms enveloped me, and hummed a sweet lullaby in my ear. [Tom POV] I was not standing at the airport, waiting with my bags around me,. I really thought Ty did, and I was expecting him to pop by the door and run into my arms and kissed me gently or something like romantic. No such luck. I looked around when I hear the doors open, , and always thought of the kiss in the parking lot. It was perfect, romantic and loving, and I know he had felt at least a little. is kiss a powerful, and I know he could not ignore, as it was all. I felt the kiss, I felt she loved me too, and I sure to come. "Germany Flight 022 shortly before the release of" The female voice said over the speakers. Last time I looked out the door without success, so it waLKED in the gates, the n in the departure area, and took out a ew. Maybe I can find someone out there that I love and I love with this intensity. I know, my feeling that Ty would, if I've ever seen him again, I'll do my best to forget it. I forget, I I thought when I entered the plane. I sat on a smiling next to kid my age, 16 at least, was smiling and friendly. I felt somehow a easily, but it was not as strong as I felt when I saw Ty, it. Something about this guy pulled out, and maybe he was the first step I should take to heal my heart. I took the place and spoke with the children for the entire flight. Ty was reduced even in my head, but the pain was is a minimum. [POV Ty n} "TOM ! " I cried when I woke up. GOD! I have forgotten him, and he has been. The tears started running down my face. What I can do? I will love him and I let him go. He hates me, but this point of the best. Me and Jeff ars in love, and perhaps what is really needed is to forget me. Maybe it really was the best choice I could have done. " Is everything okay? " I heard Mark on the other side of the door. " Yeah, just had a nightmare. " I said, when the door opened. " I sleep here ?" He asked anxiously. " YEAH !" I almost cried, which made ​​him smile. He crawled into bed me and hugged me and hugged him like a teddy bear. " I love you lil bro. Go to sleep. " He said tenderly. " I love you too, Marky. I know that you always protect me and keep me from to hurt. " He told me he hugged me stronger. "always. So, as Jeff is treating you ?" He asked tenderly. I " Well, he's a great friend, and he gives me nice things every day. The s a little aggressive with sex, but then released. " Was n, said. My suspicion is that it was with Tom, he did not feel threatened. " Well, I'm glad. Just do not let them push you into something you do not want to do. " He said as he opened it. we sleepy to dream, and both land aborted. I awoke on the morning of 4 in the morning, I left my room and started to the foot down. I came to the Non Nude Preteens kitchen, have a glass of water and drank slowly. I put the glass on the counter and heard someone whisper from the garden. I was a little scared, and when I step glass door, I pushed on it and looked around... No one. I went to the n sprout in the garden and nothing. Just a little wind blowing, and then I swear I heard something. The whispers said, "Wait," but nobody was there. The whisper repeated several times, and I was scared. I looked to grow the n , and every time the wind passes through them, the murmur was heard. I went home and sat at the kitchen table, my hands nervous. " Listen, my son. I have heard running down the stairs. Are you okay ?" My father asked, down the stairs. " Yes, Dad. 'm Fine. You only need a little water. " He told me a little nervous. "Jeff is still here ?" He asked casually. " No, I do not know kNow, when he left. "He said as he nodded and went to above. that came and went in the kitchen... What the hell was that? I could not sleep more, so it took a long bath and dressed for school. cooked breakfast Marcos and my father, and she seemed to like it, so it was n very satisfied. Mark took me to school, and was very talkative this morning. we s arrival from school, and I was sitting next to Jane, while she spoke of my classes and asked for my qualifications. do not know why I have this strong connection with it, but it's amazing. " So Tom is gone? " Jenni said stroking my hair. " Yes I miss him. "I said, he saw with sadness in my eyes. " Do not worry. He will come again, and if so, will be here to it. "She said, kissing her forehead. " I know. I miss him. "I said sadly. N " Miss who ? "Asked Jeff behind me. " Tom, "I said, watching him. " Well, it's a little sad. "Jeff said with indifference. " Question! You two come to light, the school in the short term?"Jenni asked enthusiastically. " Well, I'm almost out. Many people know that I am gay, and most do not seem to care. "I said with a shrug. "Never! I will not come! "Jeff yelled at us. I saw a little disappointed but understood. " I know Jeff. I would be, but I know I can not. "He said, smiled while relaxing " Sorry, babe, but you know, I can not.. "Jeff said softly. " If you love enough, you can. "Jenni said maternal tone. " Jenni, stay outside. I'm going as fast as I feel comfortable. " " Mmmhmm "Jenni said sarcastically. " Guys, chill out. I have to go to class. "I said. Tempo far to meet Li and Cale n " TY " Caleb said, hugging me tight ". Hey, Cale. "I said, hugging her back. " Hey, Ty, "said Li into the embrace. " Hey, Li How does it? " I asked as we walked with me in the Centre. " Well, I 'm fine ! "Cale said with a smile. " Hmmm. We need more details! Today in my house. "I said smiling. " Yes PIZZA! "Said Li, because hooked my arm in it. " Pizza! " Me and Caleb said in unison. u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e was in my third class of the day, science. We began to learn about the heart , and so was a bit easier. I just realized, of nowhere, appeared a ball of paper on Non Nude Preteens my desk. " Hey, you going out with me?" The letter says. I looked around and saw Kyle looks at me. Well, that Kyle is the darling of America, that after the n Li moved here two years ago. He has the swimmer to search. took a pencil and wrote: "Taken" hang in there. I threw them at him, and he frowned before Non Nude Preteens he gave me a sad smile. All the time was Cale watching us. We leave the class, and Cale asked me to come bathroom with him. " Hey, what do you Kyle? " He asked in a whisper. " One day", I said to him, looked up. " Really? Kyle is soooo hot! " He said more to himself. " Yes, but I 'm with Jeff. " I said, watching him. " Yeah.. And what you do you want ? I am yours friend, you know tHat, but I do not understand. They are cute and all, but I'm hot, and the guys not even in my opinion. "He said, pouting. You're right though. I'm naive, and that 's cool. His hair is wavy, with a soft brown curls, which is at least 5'11 " and has a beautiful and elegant design and a very nice face. " Well, maybe there is a need to protect myself, I shot a man. I am small and helpless, so you may feel the need to protect myself no more. Let's not jealous. " chuckle when told he also laughed. "I love you! " He said, pack your arm around me as we walked by the bathroom. " So it's your friend? Twice my size? Fun. " Brandon said as he about to enter the bathroom. " He is my friend. You know, my friend, though. " I said with a dreamy smile. "filthy queer," Non Nude Preteens she said as she entered the bathroom. "I have nothing against him. I think he likes too. Another in the list. " Said Caleb with a sigh and a laugh attack. "Shut up !" I hit him on the forehead, as we headed to our next classes. He finished school, such as Li, Dina, Jermz, and left the school, and Trev and Caleb had track practice today. " pool party at my house today," Kyle, the guy who told me the hint, as he approached me. N "Thanks, but I'll go. " I smiled. "I Non Nude Preteens will go. " Jermz, Dina, and Li, said that at the same time to laugh. " I know it will go, Ty go. Please. " Said one side of the puppy. " Ok, I'm going. What time is it? " I asked casually. " Well, it's a pool party at night, so that later on July 00 Outta watch mom and dad City so we can get boooze " said Kyle enthusiasm. " Cool. How long of 14 and 15 years old drink ? " I asked sarcastically. " Do not tell me you're a prude !" He said, laughing. " What if I am?" I asked a little excited. " I think it's cute. " He said, makes me blush. "Flirt nice guys, but Ty has a friend here twice its size and jealous, like her. " Said Dina makes us laugh. "I know. Bummer. " Kyle says with some sadness. waved at me and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "But I think Calebis free. "I said, smiling broadly. " No, but not bad. "I said, smiling. " Is not it terrible? ! The Non Nude Preteens boy is hot! " I told him what s laugh. " Yes, but I like a nice, shy guy who can protect. "He said, clutching the hand of my s. I gave him a friendly hug, looked down from his shoulder, and an n PISSED looking Jeff looked at us. I sighed and let me go. "Well, get your own guy shy. "Said Dina slapped him playfully. " going well, I have to, lake boys. Tonight at the party. "Kyle said run n " Well, boys, I'm with Jeff. Well, see you later. Li, now in my house, not text and Caleb to forget. "I told the angry athlete's foot with his nasal flaring. " Hi, Jeff! "I said, trying to play it cool. " Who was that? "Jeff asked for a fire in his eyes. N " Only one man, "I said casually, but he did not buy it. ", WHO... is... WHAT? "Asked a little angry. " Well, it's Kyle, a friend of mine who just invited me to her pool Party. "He told me a little excited for the fun of Jeff s. " You have not go. Wow, " he said as he opened the car door for me, and went to the driver's seat. " I'm Jeff. They are so immature. You know I love you. "I talked to little frustrated. N " I'm not the guy who was always drunk and ends up in bed with you. " He s sounded so bitter. " Jeff, so take care of it. This is a big baby. "I said. The lying in the parking lot and the road to my house. " But you're my baby. They are me, you should do what I say. "He said him, as his property. " Jeff, I'm not something yourself! I am a man. "I said, my eyes cried like. " Ooohh shit, baby. Do not cry. Please forgive me. It's just that I like the way that hugged him, and you should be in my arms. I am yours, and you are mine, and I'm not sharing. Therefore, please forgive me, baby. "He said, pulling my hand to her face and kissed her all over with soft pecks. " Ok, but I'm still at the party! "He said, saw it, and that. nodded " I behave, however. Now go inBut before you do, give me a kiss. "He said, as the language of a good three minutes. I ran to the house and surprised by what I saw. It was my father became angry and punching the hell of a punching bag in the center of the living room. " dad, what are you doing? "I asked when I went to see it. " realization, " she said breathlessly, as shots saved. " Dad, there is something not in order? "I asked anxiously. " Nothing, "he said to stop and take a look in my eyes. Had a blank stare eyes, and this view still haunts me. See \\ \\ n empty... This look... It left me confused...... n ====================== === ========================= ====================== = the next chapter will be up sooon I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has type of personal meaning I hope that gave D... Thanks for reading and I hope you like my story so far. If you do not read my story together in a list, called a lustful revenge. 's all the past, what Should see. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Stick around because things are going to be steam!
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